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cat printcat print    cat pawcat paw   cat paw cat digestive problem Cat Digestive Problems happen when cats
are not fed a 100% raw diet!
(formulator of Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics® cat supplements)

“Our cats give us so much. For a cat owner, one of the greatest rewards is when their pet jumps up on their lap, curls their nose toward their hands and lets out a soft purr. Yes, our cats are companionship and entertainment at the same time.

For many cats, though, poor health and disease due to digestive problems can cut their lives short. My desire to give back to these furry friends drove me to seek better and healthier ways to feed and nurture my best friend.

My goal is to help cat owners avoid feline digestive problems, preventable diseases, and costly Veterinarian bills by using probiotic supplements and digestive enzyme supplements—maintaining longer, healthier, and happier lives!”

—John R. Taylor, N.D.
Author of The Wonder of Probiotics and formulator of Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics®

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THE ANSWER IS... digestive enzyme supplements
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probiotic supplements
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cat digestive enzymes and probiotic supplements

digestive enzyme supplement
Price: $35.99
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Total-Zymes® New and Improved! Now with 16 enzymes the most complete natural digestive enzyme supplement made! This high-performace enzyme formula insures complete digestion and assimilation of all your pet's food at a cellular level. Perfect natural supplement for your cat. Now each jar treats 365 cups of pet food. Or our new smaller size treats 100 cups of food. Price $15.99
probiotic supplement
Price: $39.99
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Total-Biotics® is a probiotic supplement that boosts the immune system, improves digestive problems, and removes toxins. Total-Biotics® is a probiotic supplement that is perfect for cats, and it's the perfect companion to Total-Zymes® to offer complete digestion and intestinal health for your cat. Ideal for any feline. Each jar treats 365 cups of pet food. Great Value! Or our new smaller size treats 100 cups of food. Price $19.99
cat supplement tablets
Price: $35.99
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Total-Zymes® Plus combines all the benefits of digestive enzyme supplements and probiotic supplements in a easy, treat-form tablet! Designed for small or large dogs or cats, they love the taste, you'll love the results!
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probiotic supplement
Price: $73.99
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Orignal Total-Digestion Twin Pack is 1 jar of Total-Zymes® and 1 jar of Total-Biotics®. Treats 365 cups of cat food. Used in combination will give your pet the help they need to maintain healthy digestive systems.
probiotic supplement
Price: $39.99
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NEW Mini Total-Digestion Twin Pack is 1 jar of Total-Zymes® and 1 jar of Total-Biotics®. Treats 100 cup of cat food. Used in combination will give your pet the help they need to maintain healthy digestive systems.
cat supplement testimonial "Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics® are amazing cat supplements! My beloved cat Barney is no longer having problems absorbing and digesting his food. No more major messes on the carpet which was an ongoing issue. He has more energy, his dandruff went away, and his coat is super soft and fuzzy now.

Thank you!"
—A. Buchanan, Mill Valley, CA
cat supplement testimonial "I will be a regular customer of your cat supplements. Since the commercial pet food contamination episode last spring I have been home cooking for my 9 year old collie, 11 year old sheltie, and 15 year old cat. I was worried that the ingredients I use might not supply the necessary enzymes for their good health, and was delighted to find your product, Total-Zymes® Digestive Enzyme Powder. For the proof, my dogs had developed a nasty habit of eating pony poop some months ago, but since I've added the enzyme powder to their food, this has all but stopped. A sure sign that they needed enzymes and that your product is supplying them.

"Also we have a 32 year old Shetland pony with Cushings disease who has been plagued by intestinal infections and the vet recommended that we give her probiotics, so I was happy to find that you also sell probiotic supplements."
—Marcy Sudlow
gassy cat story

Hello I have a neutered tom cat that always had the WORST GAS EVER!!!!!. But I tried the Petenzymes Total-zymes and Total-Biotics® cat supplements on him and wow it was amazing. He can now digest his food better and not blow bombs that chases everyone away. Thanks a bunch!!!! Breathing easier in Wisconsin Kendra

cat story Your flyer came just in time! I am almost out of Total-Zymes®. I have to tell you that Total-Zymes® made a world of difference to both cats. I had noticed, especially the elderly one, Rascal, who reached 19 ½ yrs old …. He had cancer for almost 2 years, and I feel that Total-Zymes® helped extend his life. Before using Total-Zymes®, Rascals coat was poor. It got glossy and fuller after adding Total-Zymes® to his food. His health seemed better. My other cat, Squeaky, improved as well. She is 7 now. I recently adopted a 9 yr old cat, Cheddar, who was really shedding and had a dull coat. He is shedding far less and has a shiny coat. I take enzymes myself and am pleased that there are some for my pets as well. Thank-You Susan M. Thompson
sick cats I have 3 kittens... about 1 year ago I started all of them on the Total-Zymes® Total-Biotics® cat food supplement combo. One of the kittens, Indy got very ill as a kitten spiking 105 fevers not eating and pretty listless. My sister was using the Total-Zymes® Total-biotics® combo on her 2 cats and thought with Indy being so sick we should start her on it. Well almost 1 year later Indy eats like a horse and has never been sick since!!! Here is a picture of Terra, Indy and Beanie all happy and healthy and get their Total-Zymes® Total-biotics® combo every day!!

Wendy Jerosky
sick cat Hi again John,

Since Terra's, Indy's and Beanie's cousins are responsible for the girls being on the Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics® cat supplements their story should be on the site too. Malia and Leilani are about 5 years old now and are from a breeder of Maine Coons. They were in terrible shape with Calici virus' in Leilani eye and Malia had just horrible gums that were very red and inflamed, since my sister started them on your products, Malia gums along with brushing twice a week are perfect and Leilani eye is very much improved.

Thank you
Wendy Jerosky
cyrus cat This is Cyrus the cat, in September 08 my husband rescued him, but he never thrived until now. Two months ago he was even skinnier, his coat
cyrus cat My 19-year-old cat, Mickey, was diagnosed with kidney disease early this year, so I started him on Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics®. Eight months later, the numbers on his senior blood panel/urinalysis are all normal with no trace whatsoever of renal dysfunction! Very exciting! My vet was amazed at Mickey's numbers, and we're wondering now if he was initially misdiagnosed; but if he wasn't, these products have definitely exceeded my expectations. Excellent value, too; one container of each lasts almost a year. My cats will never be without Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics®!

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